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Measuring sustained superior performance at the firm level
Grifell i Tatjé, Emili; Marquès i Gou, Pilar
This paper proposes a two-dimensional Strategic Performance Measure (SPM) to evaluate the achievement of sustained superior performance. This proposal builds primarily on the fact that, under the strategic management perspective, a firm's prevalent objective is the pursuit of sustained superior performance. Three basicconceptual dimensions stem from this objective: relativity, sign dependence, and dynamism. These are the foundations of the SPM, which carries out a separate evaluation of the attained superior performance and of its sustainability over time. In contrast to existing measures of performance, the SPM provides: (i) a dynamic approach by considering the progress or regress in performance over time, and (ii) a cardinal measurement of performance differences and its changes over time. The paper also proposes an axiomatic framework that ameasure of strategic performance should comply with to be theoretically and managerially sound. Finally, anempirical illustration of the Spanish banking sector during 1987-1999 is herein provided by discussing some relevant case
Planificació estratègica
Empreses -- Direcció i administració
Industrial management
Strategic planning
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament d'Economia de l'Empresa

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