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Design and assembly of a class E power amplifier @2GHz
Ambrós Moreno, Jordi
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Teoria del Senyal i Comunicacions; Jové, Josep Maria; Montoro López, Gabriel
This project aims to achieve the design and construction of a class E RF power amplifier (PA) with the maximum efficiency in 2GHz band. This device will be used for broadband wireless transmissions. In addition, the other objective is to experiment the PA behavior in front of different input signals. The first part of the project presents, to sum up, the state of the non-linear amplifications, focusing on the most modern design techniques. In this part we will present the transistor that will be used in the circuit assembly, CGH-40006P Next chapter describes the basic steps you should follow in order to design a high power class E RF amplifier. The switching mode conditions and the bias network will be chosen too. Then the input matching network will be designed using simulation software and a pre-designed load network which is suggested to complete the class E amplifier. After that, the proposed circuit will be simulated for its optimization and subsequent construction. Amplifier measurements will be the same as the simulated ones. In this section we will see the differences between the simulated and the real circuit. On this part it will be described the procedure of connecting the devices properly and how to get reliable measures too. Finally we will add a conclusions chapter where we will value the experience of the non-linear RF power amplifier design and construction project at high frequency (2 GHz). We will add our own results too, as well as the comparison with the expected values, taking note of the events that there might have happened for achieving the project goals or not.
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