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Anisotropic dispersion, space competition, and the slowdown of the Neolithic transition
Isern Sardó, Neus; Fort, Joaquim
The front speed of the Neolithic (farmer) spread in Europe decreased as it reached Northern latitudes, where the Mesolithic (huntergatherer) population density was higher. Here, we describe a reaction diffusion model with (i) an anisotropic dispersion kernel depending on the Mesolithicpopulation density gradient and (ii) a modified population growth equation. Both effects are related to the space available for the Neolithic population. The model is able to explain the slowdown of the Neolithic front as observed from archaeological data
Funcions de variables complexes
Kernel, Funcions de
Neolític -- Models matemàtics
Kernel functions
Neolithic period -- Mathematical models
Equacions de reacció-difusió
Reaction-diffusion equations
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IOP Institute of Physics and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

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Isern Sardó, Neus; Fort, Joaquim