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Relationships between adolescents and parents values and parents answering behaviour
Casas Aznar, Ferran; Coenders, Germà; Figuer, Cristina; González Carrasco, Mònica; Malo Cerrato, Sara
In this paper we set out a confirmatory factor analysis model relating the values adolescents and their parents aspire to for the child’s future. We approach a problem when collecting parents’ answers and analysing paired data from parents and their child: the fact that in some families only one parent answers, while in others both meet to answer together. In order to account for differences between one-parent and two-parent responses we follow a multiple group structural equation modelling approach. Some significant differences emerged between the two and one answering parent groups. We observed only weak relationships between parents’ and children’s values
Valors socials
Social values
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University of Ljubljana. Faculty of Social Sciences

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