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Nonequilibrium orientational patterns in two-component Langmuir monolayers
Reigada Sanz, Ramon; Mikhailov, A. S. (Alexander S.), 1950-; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc
Universitat de Barcelona
A model of a phase-separating two-component Langmuir monolayer in the presence of a photoinduced reaction interconverting two components is formulated. An interplay between phase separation, orientational ordering, and reaction is found to lead to a variety of nonequilibrium self-organized patterns, both stationary and traveling. Examples of the patterns, observed in numerical simulations, include flowing droplets, traveling stripes, wave sources, and vortex defects.
Química física
Dinàmica de fluids
Interfícies (Ciències físiques)
Superfícies (Física)
Pel·lícules fines
Physical chemistry
Fluid dynamics
Thin films
Interfaces (Physical sciences)
(c) American Physical Society, 2004
The American Physical Society

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