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Stochastic resonance in nonpotential systems
Alarcón, Tomás; Pérez Madrid, Agustín; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
Universitat de Barcelona
We propose a method to analytically show the possibility for the appearance of a maximum in the signal-to-noise ratio in nonpotential systems. We apply our results to the FitzHugh-Nagumo model under a periodic external forcing, showing that the model exhibits stochastic resonance. The procedure that we follow is based on the reduction to a one-dimensional dynamics in the adiabatic limit and in the topology of the phase space of the systems under study. Its application to other nonpotential systems is also discussed.
Física estadística
Sistemes no lineals
Fisica mèdica
Statistical physics
Nonlinear systems
Medical physics
(c) American Physical Society, 1996
The American Physical Society

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