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Dynamical properties of the Zhang model of self-organized criticality
Giacometti, Achille; Díaz Guilera, Albert
Universitat de Barcelona
Critical exponents of the infinitely slowly driven Zhang model of self-organized criticality are computed for d=2 and 3, with particular emphasis devoted to the various roughening exponents. Besides confirming recent estimates of some exponents, new quantities are monitored, and their critical exponents computed. Among other results, it is shown that the three-dimensional exponents do not coincide with the Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld [Phys. Rev. Lett. 59, 381 (1987); Phys. Rev. A 38, 364 (1988)] (Abelian) model, and that the dynamical exponent as computed from the correlation length and from the roughness of the energy profile do not necessarily coincide, as is usually implicitly assumed. An explanation for this is provided. The possibility of comparing these results with those obtained from renormalization group arguments is also briefly addressed.
Física estadística
Sistemes no lineals
Propietats magnètiques
Equacions d'estat
Regla de les fases i equilibri
Transformacions de fase (Física estadística)
Statistical physics
Nonlinear systems
Magnetic properties
Equations of state
Phase rule and equilibrium
Phase transformations (Statistical physics)
(c) American Physical Society, 1998
The American Physical Society

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