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Self-dynamic structure factor of dense liquids: Theory and simulation
Canales Gabriel, Manel; Padró i Cárdenas, Joan Àngel
Universitat de Barcelona
The self-intermediate dynamic structure factor Fs(k,t) of liquid lithium near the melting temperature is calculated by molecular dynamics. The results are compared with the predictions of several theoretical approaches, paying special attention to the Lovesey model and the Wahnstrm and Sjgren mode-coupling theory. To this end the results for the Fs(k,t) second memory function predicted by both models are compared with the ones calculated from the simulations.
Mètodes de simulació
Física de l'estat sòlid
Simulation methods
Solid state physics
(c) American Physical Society, 2001
The American Physical Society

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Canales Gabriel, Manel; González Fernández, David José; González Tesedo, Luis Enrique; Padró i Cárdenas, Joan Àngel
Canales Gabriel, Manel; González, Luis Enrique; Padró i Cárdenas, Joan Àngel