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Amplitude envelope synchronization in coupled chaotic oscillators.
González-Miranda, J. M. (Jesús Manuel)
Universitat de Barcelona
A peculiar type of synchronization has been found when two Van der PolDuffing oscillators, evolving in different chaotic attractors, are coupled. As the coupling increases, the frequencies of the two oscillators remain different, while a synchronized modulation of the amplitudes of a signal of each system develops, and a null Lyapunov exponent of the uncoupled systems becomes negative and gradually larger in absolute value. This phenomenon is characterized by an appropriate correlation function between the returns of the signals, and interpreted in terms of the mutual excitation of new frequencies in the oscillators power spectra. This form of synchronization also occurs in other systems, but it shows up mixed with or screened by other forms of synchronization, as illustrated in this paper by means of the examples of the dynamic behavior observed for three other different models of chaotic oscillators.
Teoria quàntica de camps
Relativitat (Física)
Quantum field theory
Relativity (Physics)
(c) American Physical Society, 2002
The American Physical Society

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