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Continuous phase transition in a spin-glass model without time-reversal symmetry
Parisi, G.; Picco, M.; Ritort Farran, Fèlix
Universitat de Barcelona
We investigate the phase transition in a strongly disordered short-range three-spin interaction model characterized by the absence of time-reversal symmetry in the Hamiltonian. In the mean-field limit the model is well described by the Adam-Gibbs-DiMarzio scenario for the glass transition; however, in the short-range case this picture turns out to be modified. The model presents a finite temperature continuous phase transition characterized by a divergent spin-glass susceptibility and a negative specific-heat exponent. We expect the nature of the transition in this three-spin model to be the same as the transition in the Edwards-Anderson model in a magnetic field, with the advantage that the strong crossover effects present in the latter case are absent.
Física estadística
Sistemes no lineals
Propietats magnètiques
Equacions d'estat
Regla de les fases i equilibri
Transformacions de fase (Física estadística)
Statistical physics
Nonlinear systems
Magnetic properties
Equations of state
Phase rule and equilibrium
Phase transformations (Statistical physics)
(c) American Physical Society, 1999
The American Physical Society

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