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Relaxation dynamics in suspensions of ferromagnetic particles
Miguel López, María del Carmen; Rubí Capaceti, José Miguel
Universitat de Barcelona
We have studied the relaxation dynamics of a dilute assembly of ferromagnetic particles in suspension. A formalism based on the Smoluchowski equation, describing the evolution of the probability density for the directions of the magnetic moment and of the axis of easy magnetization of the particles, has been developed. We compute the rotational viscosity from a Green-Kubo formula and give an expression for the relaxation time of the particles which comes from the dynamic equations of the correlation functions. Concerning the relaxation time for the particles, our results agree quite well with experiments performed on different samples of ferromagnetic particles for which the magnetic energy, associated with the interaction between the magnetic moments and the external field, or the energy of anisotropy plays a dominant role.
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(c) American Physical Society, 1995
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