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The Hercynian ore deposits from the Catalonian Coastal Ranges
Ayora, Carles; Soler i Gil, Albert; Melgarejo i Draper, Joan-Carles
Universitat de Barcelona
Many mineralizations, showings and geochemical anomalies have been found in the Hercynian of the Catalonian Coastal Ranges during the last ten years. Many of them are enclosed in the Paleozoic sediments and volcanics and display pre-metamorphic syngenetic characteristics. The lower carboniferous manganese and base meta1 deposits appear to be formed from hydrothermal fluids springing up in the sea floor through active fractures controlling the filling of the basins in a extensional geotectonic setting. Although less evidence and more controversy is available, similar ore forming processes could have taken place in older Paleozoic times. The deformation and metamorphism have not played an important remobilization role, and most epigenetic deposits of Hercynian age are related to the hydrothermal cells induced by the post-metamorphic granitic intrusives.
Jaciments minerals
Serralada Litoral Catalana
Mineral deposits
Catalan Coastal Range (Catalonia)
(c) Ayora, et al., 1990
Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Institut de Cincias de la Terra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)

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