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Preserving Electronic Theses through the MetaArchive network
Ros Gorné, Ramon
Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya
In the recent years most libraries have focused on mass digitization programs and keeping electronic born documents, showing and organizing them in a repository. While those repositories have evolved to a much more manageable systems focusing on the user expectations and introducing web 2.0 tools, digital preservation is still in the to-do list of most of them. There is quite a lot of studies focused on preservation and some complex models exist, unfortunately, very few practical systems are running and its quite difficult for a library to get involved in a solution already tested by others. The CBUC (Consortium of University Catalan Libraries) runs TDX, an ETD repository now keeping more than 10.000 full text thesis from any of the 12 university members. After 10 years running TDX a solid preservation system was needed to ensure every thesis would be kept as it was regardless what happens to the repository. The perfect solution was found in the MetaArchive cooperative, this is the effort of many insitutions to keep a copy of each other content through a newtwork using the LOCKSS software as a mechanism to keep track of any change. The presentation will shortly introduce what TDX and MetaArchive is but will, in a practical way, show how the LOCKSS network for presrervation works. Finally a summary of the benefits of the overall experience will be shown.
02 - Biblioteconomia. Documentació
Tesis i dissertacions electròniques
Preservació digital
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