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Perera Domènech, Francesc; Toms, Andrew S.
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
Let A be a simple, unital, finite, and exact C*-algebra which absorbs the Jiang-Su algebra Z tensorially. We prove that the Cuntz semigroup of A admits a complete order embedding into an ordered semigroup which is obtained from the Elliott invariant in a functorial manner. We conjecture that this embedding is an isomor phism, and prove the conjecture in several cases. In these same cases - Z-stable algebras all - we prove that the Elliott conjecture in its strongest form is equivalent to a conjecture which appears much weaker. Outside the class of Z-stable C*-algebras, this weaker conjecture has no known counterexamples, and it is plausible that none exist. Thus, we reconcile the still intact principle of Elliott's classification conjecture -that K-theoretic invariants will classify separable and nuclear C*-algebras- with the recent appearance of counterexamples to its strongest concrete form.
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Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
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