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Compositional Data Analysis with R
Bren, Matevž; Batagelj, Vladimir
Mateu i Figueras, Glòria; Barceló i Vidal, Carles; Universitat de Girona. Departament d’Informàtica i Matemàtica Aplicada
R from is ‘GNU S’ – a language and environment for statistical computingand graphics. The environment in which many classical and modern statistical techniques havebeen implemented, but many are supplied as packages. There are 8 standard packages and many moreare available through the cran family of Internet sites .We started to develop a library of functions in R to support the analysis of mixtures and our goal isa MixeR package for compositional data analysis that provides support foroperations on compositions: perturbation and power multiplication, subcomposition with or withoutresiduals, centering of the data, computing Aitchison’s, Euclidean, Bhattacharyya distances,compositional Kullback-Leibler divergence etc.graphical presentation of compositions in ternary diagrams and tetrahedrons with additional features:barycenter, geometric mean of the data set, the percentiles lines, marking and coloring ofsubsets of the data set, theirs geometric means, notation of individual data in the set . . .dealing with zeros and missing values in compositional data sets with R procedures for simpleand multiplicative replacement strategy,the time series analysis of compositional data.We’ll present the current status of MixeR development and illustrate its use on selected data sets
Geologische Vereinigung; Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya; International Association for Mathematical Geology; Patronat de l’Escola Politècnica Superior de la Universitat de Girona; Fundació privada: Girona, Universitat i Futur; Càtedra Lluís Santaló d’Aplicacions de la Matemàtica; Consell Social de la Universitat de Girona; Ministerio de Ciencia i Tecnología.
Estadística matemàtica -- Informàtica
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Universitat de Girona. Departament d’Informàtica i Matemàtica Aplicada

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