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A comparative analysis of two methods for the calculation of electric-field-induced perturbations to molecular vibration
Martí, Josep; Bishop, David M.
Two common methods of accounting for electric-field-induced perturbations to molecular vibration are analyzed and compared. The first method is based on a perturbation-theoretic treatment and the second on a finite-field treatment. The relationship between the two, which is not immediately apparent, is made by developing an algebraic formalism for the latter. Some of the higher-order terms in this development are documented here for the first time. As well as considering vibrational dipole polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities, we also make mention of the vibrational Stark effec
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Moments dipolars
Pertorbació (Matemàtica)
Polarització (Electricitat)
Electric fields
Perturbation (Mathematics)
Polarization (Electricity)
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American Institute of Physics

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