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Variational calculation of static and dynamic vibrational nonlinear optical properties
Luis Luis, Josep Maria; Torrent Sucarrat, Miquel; Christiansen, Ove; Kirtman, Bernard
The vibrational configuration interaction method used to obtain static vibrational (hyper)polarizabilities is extended to dynamic nonlinear optical properties in the infinite optical frequency approximation. Illustrative calculations are carried out on H2 O and N H3. The former molecule is weakly anharmonic while the latter contains a strongly anharmonic umbrella mode. The effect on vibrational (hyper)polarizabilities due to various truncations of the potential energy and property surfaces involved in the calculation are examined
Anàlisi harmònica
Aproximació, Teoria de l'
Càlcul de variacions
Dinàmica molecular
Òptica no lineal
Polarització (Física nuclear)
Approximation theory
Calculus of variations
Harmonic analysis
Molecular dynamics
Nonlinear optics
Polarization (Nuclear physics)
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