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Modeling storm events to investigate the influence of the stream¿catchment interface zone on stream biogeochemistry
Butturini, Andrea; Bernal Berenguer, Susana; Sabater i Comas, Francesc
Universitat de Barcelona
We formulate a new mixing model to explore hydrological and chemical conditions under which the interface between the stream and catchment interface (SCI) influences the release of reactive solutes into stream water during storms. Physically, the SCI corresponds to the hyporheic/riparian sediments. In the new model this interface is coupled through a bidirectional water exchange to the conventional two components mixing model. Simulations show that the influence of the SCI on stream solute dynamics during storms is detectable when the runoff event is dominated by the infiltrated groundwater component that flows through the SCI before entering the stream and when the flux of solutes released from SCI sediments is similar to, or higher than, the solute flux carried by the groundwater. Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrate data from two small Mediterranean streams obtained during storms are compared to results from simulations using the new model to discern the circumstances under which the SCI is likely to control the dynamics of reactive solutes in streams. The simulations and the comparisons with empirical data suggest that the new mixing model may be especially appropriate for streams in which the periodic, or persistent, abrupt changes in the level of riparian groundwater exert hydrologic control on flux of biologically reactive fluxes between the riparian/hyporheic compartment and the stream water.
Ecologia fluvial
Nutrients (Medi ambient)
Mètode de Montecarlo
Montnegre (Catalunya : Massís)
Stream ecology
Nutrients (Ecology)
Monte Carlo method
Montnegre Mountains (Catalonia)
(c) American Geophysical Union, 2005
American Geophysical Union

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