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Top 25 most visited documents this year

A priori ratemaking using bivariate poisson regression models 545
Systemic lupus erythematosus in the elderly: Clinical and immunological characteristics. 494
Study of the immigrant population's attitude towards organ donation in two groups from Pakistan and Morocco 432
Cómo aplicar las pruebas paramétricas bivariadas t de Student y ANOVA en SPSS. 338
The extent of the collateral circulation influences the postprandial increase in portal pressure in patients with cirrhosis. 230
Cómo aplicar árboles de decisión en SPSS 228
How do road infrastructure investments affect the regional economy? Evidence from Spain 220
Competencia intercultural, concepto, efectos e implicaciones en el ejercicio de la ciudadanía 211
El uso del colágeno en la cicatrización de las heridas. 207
Aprender a ser docente en un mundo en cambio. Simposio internacional 197
Spatial Polarization of the Ecological Footprint distribution 196
Price level convergence, purchasing power parity and multiple structural breaks: an application to US cities 193
Assessing excess profits from different entry regulations 193
La hipertrofia de las papilas linguales 192
Sobre el método y los problemas de la antropología estructural 191
Barriers to innovation and public policy in Catalonia 187
Técnicas de diafanización: estudio comparativo 187
Productivity growth and competition in Spanish manufacturing firms: What has happened in recent years? 184
Service Learning Questionnaire 178
El placer lateral de playa Mejías (noreste de Cuba Oriental): un ejemplo de interacción de procesos aluviales y marinos en la concentración de minerales de elementos preciosos 177
An Analysis of black-box optimization problems in reinsurance: evolutionary-based approaches 177
Financial constraints and the failure of innovation projects 174
High amplitude contractions in the middle third of the esophagus: a manometric marker of chronic alcoholism? 173
Eficacia en los productos cosméticos: un enfoque celular 172
Local labor market effects of public employment 172

Top 25 most visited documents

Loss risk through fraud in car insurance 2,123
Privatization and competition in the delivery of local services: An empirical examination of the dual market hypothesis 2,112
Ecological Footprint Inequality across countries: the role of environment intensity, income and interaction effects 2,059
A priori ratemaking using bivariate poisson regression models 2,058
What about people in European Regional Science? 2,052
Immigration and Firm Growth: Evidence from Spanish cities 2,020
Solvency Capital estimation and Risk Measures 1,963
Evaluating antitrust leniency programs 1,945
Cross-section data, disequilibrium situations and estimated coefficients: evidence from car ownership demand 1,911
The international trade as the sole engine of growth for an economy 1,875
Los salarios de los inmigrantes en el mercado de trabajo español. ¿Importa el origen del capital humano? 1,864
Los límites de la compacidad urbana como instrumento a favor de la sostenibilidad. La hipótesis de la compensación en Barcelona medida a través de la huella ecológica de la movilidad y la vivienda 1,832
Social Determinants of Child Health in Colombia: Can Community Education Moderate the Effect of Family Characteristics? 1,821
Explaining High Economic Growth in Small Tourism Countries with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model 1,810
Barriers to innovation and public policy in Catalonia 1,783
Economic development and changes in car ownership patterns 1,776
The link between public support and private R&D effort: What is the optimal subsidy? 1,768
Changes in the demand for private medical insurance following a shift in tax incentives 1,764
Small firms, growth and financial constraints 1,760
Job losses, outsourcing and relocation: Empirical evidence using microdata 1,759
How to use the standard model with own data? 1,758
¿Afecta la sobreeducación de los padres al rendimiento académico de sus hijos? 1,740
Reseña del Congreso Internacional 'Humanismo, mestizaje y escritura'. Universidad de Sevilla, 28-30 de octubre de 2009 1,738
Intermediary and structural determinants of early childhood health in Colombia: exploring the role of communities 1,705
The causal relationship between Individual’s choice behavior and self-reported satisfaction: the case of residential mobility in the EU 1,696

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