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Computation of the Spatial Impulse Response for Ultrasonic Fields on the Graphics Processing Units (GPU)
Florian, Luna
Hartley, Richard
Treball realitzat en col.lboració amb Grenoble INP – ENSIMAG
The goal of the internship was to develop a linear wave-based simulation of ultrasonic fields. The theory was based on the Tupholme-Stepanishen formalism explained in the Jensen course for calculating pulsed ultrasound field. The Field II Simulation Program developed at the Technical University of Denmark does that simulation but the program runs slowly due to the fact that it runs only on the CPU. It is getting older as it was released in 1994. Designing an algorithm and implementing an application which parallelizes the computation of the spatial impulse response on the GPU were the main goal of my internship. More precisely, my tasks were to - Become familiarized with ultrasound physics and GPU programming. - Have a first go with the simulation through Matlab. - Devise an algorithm suited to GPU programming. - Develop an application able to simulate different kinds of configurations and the corresponding data structures. The application is called through Matlab commands but all the simulation are made with C++/CUDA programming. - Verify the validity and time the execution of our implementation.
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Spatial Impulse Response
Ultrasonic waves
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