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Don’t Be Mistaken—This Does Concern You!
Martín i Horcajo, Montse
Universitat de Vic. Facultat d'Educació
In this article, the author attempts to represent the mise abyme effect, when writing a “story within a story.” Instead of showing the two stories of sexual harassment in sport that the author wrote to trigger her students’ reactions to this issue, this article focuses on the experience of one of the students reacting to the two stories and discovering her own personal relationship to sexual harassment in sport. Instead of choosing a linear description charting the sexual harassment or abuse of this student, the author has chosen to represent her story of being an unconscious witness to the abuse a former teammate suffered in the past as a gymnast. The final purpose is to reflect on one’s “possible subtle” involvement in perpetrating sexual harassment in sport.
Assetjament sexual en l'esport
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