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TMalphaDB and TMbetaDB: web servers to study the structural role of sequence motifs in α-helix and β-barrel domains of membrane proteins
Perea, Marc; Lugtenburg, Ivan; Mayol, Eduardo; Cordomí, Arnau; Deupi, Xavier; Pardo Carrasco, Leonardo; Olivella, Mireia
Background Membrane proteins represent over 25 % of human protein genes and account for more than 60 % of drug targets due to their accessibility from the extracellular environment. The increasing number of available crystal structures of these proteins in the Protein Data Bank permits an initial estimation of their structural properties. Description We have developed two web servers—TMalphaDB for α-helix bundles and TMbetaDB for β-barrels—to analyse the growing repertoire of available crystal structures of membrane proteins. TMalphaDB and TMbetaDB permit to search for these specific sequence motifs in a non-redundant structure database of transmembrane segments and quantify structural parameters such as ϕ and ψ backbone dihedral angles, χ 1 side chain torsion angle, unit bend and unit twist. Conclusions The structural information offered by TMalphaDB and TMbetaDB permits to quantify structural distortions induced by specific sequence motifs, and to elucidate their role in the 3D structure. This specific structural information has direct implications in homology modeling of the growing sequences of membrane proteins lacking experimental structure. TMalphaDB and TMbetaDB are freely available at and
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