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Project «Water and Environment»: Improving educational practices in the aquatic environment
Fontarnau Bigas, Ferran
International Workshop on Higher Education (5th : 2015 : Vic); Universitat de Vic. Escola de Doctorat; Universitat de Vic. Grup de Recerca en Educació Física
The project "Water and Environment"for the improvement of educational practices in the aquatic environment, is a research project led by four members of the Research Group of Physical Education at the University of Vic (GREF) experts in water activities. The aim is to train the technicians who teach swimming during school hours. The training is based on improving water treatment practices and competence to face a contradictory scene where clubs develop educational content and where schools transfer to clubs part of its educational activity to contribute significantly and positively to water activities fitting the educational curriculum.
Activitats aquàtiques
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