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A Gendered Voice in Translation: Translating Like a Feminist
Universitat de Vic. Facultat de Ciències Humanes, Traducció i Documentació
This paper addresses some of the challenges inherent in finding and showing a gendered voice in translation. The starting point is my own experience as a feminist translator of both feminist and non-feminist texts. Textual practices like translating necessarily interact with current theoretical debates. In turn, theoretical writing on feminism enriches and informs one’s translating activity. This interplay between theoretical models and textual practices was particularly made evident to me as I rendered Essentially speaking, by Diana Fuss, into Catalan. In this article I intend to transcend anecdotes of translating individual texts and consider how translating equals rewriting oneself; it involves rethinking writing practices. I will specifically address the rethinking of (1) one’s identity when translating ‘like’ a feminist, (2) performativity in gender and in translation, and (3) agency and (In)visibility.
Feminisme -- Traduccions
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Universitat de Barcelona

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