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High Prevalence of Signs of Renal Damage Despite Normal Renal Function in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Patients: Evaluation of Associated Factors
Bonjoch, Anna; Juega, J.; Puig, Jordi; Pérez Alvarez, Núria; Aiestarán, A.; Echeverria, Patricia; Pérez, V.; Clotet, Bonaventura; Romero, R.; Bonet, J.; Negredo, Eugenia
Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya. Càtedra de la Sida i Malalties Relacionades
Renal disorders are an emerging problem in HIV-infected patients. We performed a cross-sectional study of the first 1000 HIV-infected patients attended at our HIV unit who agreed to participate. We determined the frequency of renal alterations and its related risk factors. Summary statistics and logistic regression were applied. The study sample comprised 970 patients with complete data. Most were white (94%) and men (76%). Median (IQR) age was 48 (42–53) years. Hypertension was diagnosed in 19%, dyslipidemia in 27%, and diabetes mellitus in 3%. According to the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD EPI) equation, 29 patients (3%) had an eGFR < 60 ml/min/1.73m2; 18 of them (62%) presented altered albumin/creatinine and protein/creatinine (UPC or UAC) ratios. Of the patients with eGFR> 60mL/min, it was present in 293 (30%), 38 of whom (7.1%) had UPC> 300mg/g. Increased risk of renal abnormalities was correlated with hypertension (OR, 1.821 [95%CI, 1.292;2.564]; p = 0.001), age (OR, 1.015 [95%CI, 1.001;1.030], per one year; p = 0.040), and use of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) plus protease inhibitor (PI), (OR, 1.401 [95%CI, 1.078;1.821]; p = 0.012). Current CD4 cell count was a protective factor (OR, 0.9995 [95%CI, 0.9991;0.9999], per one cell; p = 0.035). A considerable proportion of patients presented altered UPC or UAC ratios, despite having an eGFR > 60mL/min. CD4 cell count was a protective factor; age, hypertension, and use of TDF plus PIs were risk factors for renal abnormalities. Based on our results, screen of renal abnormalities should be considered in all HIV-infected patients to detect these alterations early.
Sida -- Tractament
This is a copy of an article published in the [AIDS PATIENT CARE AND STDS] © [2014] [copyright Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.]; [AIDS Patient Care and STDs] is available online at:
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Mary Ann Liebert

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