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“La lliga dels magnats”. La Premier League i el negoci del futbol en l’era dels mitjans globals
Universitat de Vic. Facultat d'Empresa i Comunicació
The relationship between the mass media and sport has reached a state of symbiosis. The great media companies and sports organizations have combined synergies to get the best return on their products, both communicationrelated and sports-related. To define this situation, some authors have spoken of the “new sport oligopoly” or of the “global media sports complex”. This article analyzes the formation of this complex based on real examples of financial relations between media companies and sports organizations and, finally, draws attention to how these relations took place in the Premier League during the 2009-2010 season, taking into account the fact that this was the European football league which consolidated the process of international commercialization the soonest, which has the most highly valued football brand (Manchester United) and which has the clubs that make the most money from television rights and commercials.
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Clubs de futbol -- Finances
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