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Usando um Jogo Digital na Sala de Aula do Ensino Fundamental: Visão dos Professores
Eguía, José Luis; Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); Solano Albajés, Lluís; Hildebrand, Hermes Renato
SBGames 2012
A digital game was created as a resource for cognitive learning and afterwards it was used in primary schools in order to survey its active users. The methods used to recollect data were observation, in-depth interviews and focus groups. The main target of this study is to collect points of view of different primary school teachers. Conclusions show us how the group of study members perceive the use of digital games in the classroom.
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Navarro Güere, Héctor; Foglia, Efraín; Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); Mateos Rusillo, Santos M. (Santos Miguel); Gifreu Castells, Arnau; Massana Molera, Eulàlia; García Medina, Irene; Molina García, Míriam; Roman Coy, David; Pereira Correia, Pedro Álvaro; Aguado, Juan Miguel; Balboni, Gian Paolo; Hildebrand, Hermes Renato; Eguía, José Luis; Farias Coelho, Patrícia Margarida; Liussi Depaoli, Armando
Eguía, José Luis; Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); Solano Albajés, Lluís
Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); Eguía, José Luis; Solano Albajés, Lluís