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Analysis of the effects of non-uniform irradiance and temperature on a CPV dense array output power cooled by microchannels and microfluidic cells
Fernández Vilella, Álvaro
Rosell Urrutia, Joan Ignasi; Universitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
This project presents an electrical analysis of CPV dense array under different temperature and irradiance conditions and for different electrical configurations. The classical cooling system used for CPV is microchannels but in the European Project Streams a new cooling system called microfluidic cells is being developed. A mathematical model is used to reproduce the behaviour of a photovoltaic cell. It will be calibrated for temperature variations using the information given in the datasheet so the electrical power losses can be studied. Then, an irradiance distribution will be chosen and used to calculate the temperature distributions for microchannels and microfluidic cells cooling systems. Finally, different electrical configurations will be tested for the temperature and irradiance distributions to study the effect they have on the electrical power output.
Non uniformity
Output power
Enginyeria elèctrica
94 p.

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