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Effect of the cryopreservation conditions on the viability of the rumen ciliate Diploplastron (Metadinium) affine
de la Fuente Oliver, Gabriel; Cebrián, J.A.; Fondevila, Manuel
Aims:  To study the viability of Diploplastron (Metadinium) affine after its cryopreservation at two cooling rates, and the effect of procedure conditions on viability. Methods and Results:  There were differences in viability between cooling rates (1 and 4°C min−1) at 15 or 5°C, but not after thawing. When the equilibrium temperature (25 or 5°C), the cryopreservant (glycerol or dimethyl sulfoxide [DMSO]) and the use of membrane protector were tested, there were no differences caused by the cryopreservant or the membrane protector. However, the equilibrium at 25°C increased the viability (P = 0·005) compared with 5°C. Conclusions:  Viability after thawing was 0·10
0·19. Adding the cryopreservant (either glycerol or DMSO) at 25°C instead of 5°C improves viability of D. affine after thawing. Significance and Impact of the Study:  Conditions of cryopreservation are largely dependent on the species of rumen protozoa. Number of viable cells after thawing would indicate the possibility of culture recovery for D. affine.
(c) Blackwell Science, 2006
Blackwell Science

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