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Characterization of a Candida albicans gene encoding a putative transcriptional factor required for cell wall integrity
Moreno, Inmaculada; Pedreño, Yolanda; Maicas i Prieto, Sergio; Sentandreu, Rafael; Herrero Perpiñán, Enrique; Valentín, Eulogio
After screening a Candida albicans genome database the product of an open reading frame (ORF) (CA2880) with 49% homology to the product of Saccharomyces cerevisiae YPL133c, a putative transcriptional factor, was identified. The disruption of the C. albicans gene leads to a major sensitivity to calcofluor white and Congo red, a minor sensitivity to sodium dodecyl sulfate, a major resistance to zymolyase, and an alteration of the chemical composition of the cell wall. For these reasons we called it CaCWT1 (for C. albicans cell wall transcription factor). CaCwt1p contains a putative Zn(II) Cys(6) DNA binding domain characteristic of some transcriptional factors and a PAS domain. The CaCWT1 gene is more expressed in stationary phase cells than in cells growing exponentially. To our knowledge, this is the first Zn(II) Cys(6) transcriptional factor-encoding gene implicated in the cell wall architecture.
Transcriptional factor
Gene disruption
Cell wall
Candida albicans
(c) Federation of European Microbiological Societies, 2003
(c) Elsevier, 2003

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