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Effect of controlled atmospheres and shelf life period on concentrations of volatile substances released by 'Pink Lady' apples and on consumer acceptance
Villatoro Gonzàlez, Carmen; López Fructuoso, Mª Luisa; Echeverría Cortada, Gemma; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; Lara Ayala, Isabel
ACKGROUND: ‘Pink Lady®’ (Malus × domestica Borkh.) apples were harvested at commercial maturity and stored at 1 °C under either air or controlled atmosphere (CA) conditions (2.5 kPa O2: 3 kPa CO2 and 1 kPa O2: 2 kPa CO2) for 15 or 28 weeks. Standard quality parameters, consumer acceptance and volatile compound emission were evaluated after cold storage plus shelf life period at 20 °C. RESULTS: A shelf life period of 17 days after long-term storage in controlled atmosphere allowed the regeneration of the characteristic esters associated to the aroma of this variety. Sixty-five per cent of consumers preferred apples with higher emissions of aroma-active volatile compounds, despite the fact that these apples displayed lower values for standard quality attributes. The most accepted samples corresponded to fruit stored in air for 15 weeks regardless of post-storage period, in air for 28 weeks plus 1 day at 20 °C, and in 2.5 kPa O2: 3 kPa CO2 for 15 weeks plus 7 days at 20 °C. CONCLUSIONS: Concentrations of specific aroma volatile compounds are suggested to be more important than total aroma emission for consumer acceptance of ‘Pink Lady®’ apples. Copyright © 2009 Society of Chemical Industry
Compostos orgànics volàtils
Volatile organic compounds
(c) Society of Chemical Industry ; John Wiley & Sons, 2009
Society of Chemical Industry; John Wiley & Sons

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