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Increased straight-chain esters content after ultra low oxygen storage and its relation to the lipoxygenase system in 'Golden Reinders (R)' apples
Altisent Rosell, Rosa; Graell i Sarle, Jordi; Lara Ayala, Isabel; López Fructuoso, Mª Luisa; Echeverría Cortada, Gemma
Golden’ is the most cultivated apple group in Europe. In recent years, new mutants have emerged which improve both aspects of production and sensory attributes. In this work, emission of volatile compounds and the activity of lipoxygenase system–related enzymes in ‘Golden Reinders®’ apples were analysed after 19 and 30 weeks under ultra low oxygen atmosphere (ULO) or under ULO plus different periods in cold air atmosphere and after remaining 1 and 7 days at 20 °C. This study examined modifications in the capacity for volatile ester production, specifically focusing on modification in lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide lyase activity. Volatile compound emission reached a maximum after 30 weeks of cold storage plus 7 days at 20 °C. Straight-chain esters were closely related to lipoxygenase activity in the flesh tissue, leading, suggesting that lipoxygenase enzyme plays an important role in the emission of straight-chain esters: the most characteristic volatile type associated with this apple variety.
Tecnologia postcollita
Postharvest technology
(c) Springer Verlag, 2011
Springer Verlag

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