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Spindle-independent condensation-mediated segregation of yeast ribosomal DNA in late anaphase
Machín, Felix; Torres Rosell, Jordi; Jarmuz, Adam; Aragón, Luis
Mitotic cell division involves the equal segregation of all chromosomes during anaphase. The presence of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) repeats on the right arm of chromosome XII makes it the longest in the budding yeast genome. Previously, we identified a stage during yeast anaphase when rDNA is stretched across the mother and daughter cells. Here, we show that resolution of sister rDNAs is achieved by unzipping of the locus from its centromere-proximal to centromere-distal regions. We then demonstrate that during this stretched stage sister rDNA arrays are neither compacted nor segregated despite being largely resolved from each other. Surprisingly, we find that rDNA segregation after this period no longer requires spindles but instead involves Cdc14-dependent rDNA axial compaction. These results demonstrate that chromosome resolution is not simply a consequence of compacting chromosome arms and that overall rDNA compaction is necessary to mediate the segregation of the long arm of chromosome XII.
by-nc-sa (c) Machín et al., 2005
The Rockefeller University Press

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