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Optimization of three new compositions of stabilized rammed earth incorporating PCM: thermal properties characterization and LCA
Serrano, Susana; Barreneche Güerisoli, Camila; Rincon, Lídia; Boer, Dieter; Cabeza, Luisa F.
The development of a new stabilised rammed earth (SRE) with improved thermal properties is the main objective of this research. Three types of SRE were doped with microencapsulated PCM and the compressive strength response was optimized with a design of experiments (DoE). The optimums were thermally analysed and were environmentally evaluated by a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The results showed an improvement of thermal properties but the impact points of LCA increase considerably due to the microencapsulated PCM. The use of macroencapsulated PCM and a proper selection of PCM are mandatory to improve the LCA results in future research.
Stabilized rammed earth
Phase change material
(c) Elsevier, 2013

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