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Study of wool characteristics in the Aranese ovine breed
Parés Casanova, Pere-Miquel; Jordana i Vidal, Jordi; Perezgrovas Garza, Raúl
To date, no ethnological study on the wool characteristics of the Spanish Aranese ovine breed has been published. Fifty three animals belonging to this breed are tested as fleece samples. Each sample is analyzed for fleece type and length, yield by isoalcohol scouring, fiber length for each kind of fiber, variation in fiber diameter, and proportions of non-medullated and medullated or kemp fibers. Fiber length appears shorter than that previously reported for the breed by other authors. Fleeces of the Aranese sheep breed can be described as square, simple, 'semi-open' and short with a relatively high yield by isoalcohol scouring and low medullation levels, thus indicating good potential quality and greater suitability for potential processing than other similar meat breeds.
Etnologia animal
Bestiar oví
Vall d'Aran (Catalunya)
Val d'Aran (Catalonia)
cc-by, (c) Parés, 2011
Sociedad Chilena de Anatomía

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