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Genome-wide association mapping of frost tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Visioni, Andrea; Tondelli, Alessandro; Francia, Enrico; Pswarayi, Hakunawadi Alexander; Malosseti, Marcos; Russell, Joanne; Thomas, Wiliam; Waugh, Robbie; Pecchioni, Nicola; Romagosa Clariana, Ignacio; Comadran Trabal, Jordi
Frost tolerance is a key trait with economic and agronomic importance in barley because it is a major component of winter hardiness, and therefore limits the geographical distribution of the crop and the effective transfer of quality traits between spring and winter crop types. Three main frost tolerance QTL (Fr-H1, Fr-H2 and Fr-H3) have been identified from bi-parental genetic mapping but it can be argued that those mapping populations only capture a portion of the genetic diversity of the species. A genetically broad dataset consisting of 184 genotypes, representative of the barley gene pool cultivated in the Mediterranean basin over an extended time period, was genotyped with 1536 SNP markers. Frost tolerance phenotype scores were collected from two trial sites, Foradada (Spain) and Fiorenzuola (Italy) and combined with the genotypic data in genome wide association analyses (GWAS) using Eigenstrat and kinship approaches to account for population structure.
Civada -- Experimentació
Civada -- Temperatures baixes
cc-by, (c) Visioni et al., 2013
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