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Large-scale underground thermal energy storage, using industrial waste heat to supply district heating
Jové Manonelles, Jordi
Cabeza, Luisa F.; Universitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
The city of Luleå is growing and the municipality is looking to build a new urban area for about 5 000 people in an old air military area called Kronan. The concept is to build a green residential area, but no details have been decided yet. Usually the space heating in the Swedish cities is supplied by a municipal district heating system. Luleå takes advantage of the gases generated in the local coke and steel plants. Using these gases as fuel in a co-generation plant, which is connected to Luleå’s district heating system, means that the Luleå community has the cheapest district heating in Sweden (Luleå Kommun, 2014). The heat produced by these gases can easily supply the heat demand when the temperature is above -10oC, but when it is colder than -10oC additional energy is required and there are different plants to provide it. This extra energy comes from electricity and oil. In total, heat from the waste gases covers about 90 % of the district heating.Moreover, the steel plant works the whole year while space heating demand depends on the weather. When there is no demand, the heat generated in the plant is mostly dumped into the Bothnian Bay, which means a significant waste of energy. This project studies the possibility to store this waste heat in summer in order to supply space heating to the new residential area. This storage procedure is possible using a borehole thermal energy storage and the optimum parameters depend on the energy price. The storage cost estimated is between 34 and 41 MSEK , with a payback of 7 to 9 years and it is able to supply 14 GWh/year during the winter months fulfilling the heat demand for the new neighborhood. The energy efficiency of the storage is above 75% from the fifth year of operation, which means barely 18GWh of waste heat will be used to supply the district heating.
Borehole thermal energy storage
District heating
Waste heat
Instal·lacions de climatització
Energia -- Emmagatzematge
Calor -- Transmissió
98 p.

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