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Early adversity and 5-HTT-BDNF genes: new evidences of gene-environment interactions on depressive symptoms in a general population
Aguilera, Mari; Arias Sampériz, Bárbara; Wichers, Marieke; Barrantes Vidal, Neus; Moya Higueras, Jorge; Villa Martín, Elena; Os, J. van (Jim van); Ibáñez Ribes, Manuel Ignacio; Ruipérez Rodríguez, María Ángeles; Ortet i Fabregat, Generós; Fañanás Saura, Lourdes
Adverse childhood experiences have been described as one of the major environmental risk factors for depressive disorder. Likewise, the deleterious impact of early traumatic experiences on depression seems to be moderated by individual genetic variability. Serotonin transporter (5-HTT) and the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) seem to modulate the effect of childhood adversity on adult depression, although inconsistencies across studies have been found. Moreover, the GxE interaction concerning the different types of childhood adversity remains poorly understood. The aim of this study is to analyse the putative interaction between the 5-HTT gene (5-HTTLPR polymorphism), BDNF gene (Val66Met polymorphism) and childhood adversity in accounting for adult depressive symptoms.
Childhood adversity
Depressió psíquica
(c) Cambridge University Press, 2009
Cambridge University Press

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