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The ambiguous disruption of gender-role expectations in the law and the lady name
Querol Díaz, Laura
Universitat de Lleida; Facultat de Lletres; Santaularia Capdevila, Isabel
The main purpose of this research project is to analyse the major female figures in Wilkie Collins' work of fiction The Law and the Lady, in relation to the times in which the novel was produced and the situation of women in the Victorian era. After taking into account the major events of the life of the author, as well as the sociohistorical conditions of the Victorian period, I try to reach conclusions about whether the author challenges gender-role expectations, presenting the readers with a new form of femininity, of if, on the contrary, he preserves and maintains a conservative, traditional perspective of femininity and female conventions proper to the established parameters of the times in which he lived. Keywords:
Victorian period
Wilkie Collins
Sensationalist novel
Feminisme en la literatura
50 p.

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