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Scheduling an European basketball competition. An application of graph theory
Folguera, Carles
Conde Colom, Josep; López Lorenzo, Ignacio; Universitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
The object of this project is to schedule a ctitious European basketball competition with many teams situated a long distances. The schedule must be fair, feasible and economical, which means that the total distance trav- eled by every team must be the minimal possible. First, we de ne the sport competition terminology and study di erent competition systems, focusing on the NBA and the Euroleague systems. Then we de ne concepts of graph theory and spherical distance that will be needed. Next we propose a com- petition system, explaining where will be allocated the teams and how will be the scheduling. Then there is a description of the programs that have been implemented, and, nally, the complete schedule is displayed, and some possible improvements are mentioned.
Sports scheduling
Graph theory
Informatic programation
Planificació esportiva
Grafs, Teoria de
Programació (Ordinadors)
100 p.

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