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Preparation of (S)-1-halo-2-octanols using ionic liquids and biocatalysts
Oromí Farrús, Mireia; Eras i Joli, Jordi; Sala i Martí, Núria; Torres i Grifo, Mercè; Canela i Garayoa, Ramon
Preparation of (S)-1-chloro-2-octanol and (S)-1-bromo-2-octanol was carried out by the enzymatic hydrolysis of halohydrin palmitates using biocatalysts. Halohydrin palmitates were prepared by various methods from palmitic acid and 1,2-octanediol. A tandem hydrolysis was carried out using lipases from Candida antarctica (Novozym® 435), Rhizomucor miehei (Lipozyme IM), and “resting cells” from a Rhizopus oryzae strain that was not mycotoxigenic. The influence of the enzyme and the reaction medium on the selective hydrolysis of isomeric mixtures of halohydrin esters is described. Novozym® 435 allowed preparation of (S)-1-chloro-2-octanol and (S)-1-bromo-2-octanol after 1–3 h ofreaction at 40 °C in [BMIM][PF6].
Enzymatic resolution
open access
cc-by, (c) Oromí-Farrús et al., 2009
Molecular Diversity Preservation International

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